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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Tuesday, Wednesday

The new assignment is considerably different from the last one. Kinda weird to be working regularly eight-hour days five days a week. But it's actually been better: I have more cardio classes accessible after work and I discovered on Wednesday that one of my favorite gyms is within ten minutes away. Yeah! I know what I'll be doing during lunch time (again.)

Large update over at Forge on this benefit.

I didn't see my buddies CS and GAC on our regular Tuesday night get-together. I originally had planned to do some much needed housework and weight-training. However, HDTV distracted me: specifically, cool progs on Venus and the end of the universe. Why don't the regular channels have anything this good?

R. and I have been watching a new anime series, Hunter X Hunter. No, we have not finished any of the other ones at the moment. Sigh. With the number of series we're following (at least five), we would not be finished in a month watching the episodes eight hours a day, seven days a week.
Hmmm. I like the idea, though. Maybe for vacation....

Remodeling continues. A call from the flooring guy really solidified out time table. We'll be meeting with him on Saturday and the general contractor (regarding out kitchen and others) on Sunday. Yikes! All that money for lots of wood....

And, no, I mean wood, yah pervs!

* * *

It's a time of change.

As I wrote on the 19th, I've reached several crossroads this month, one of which concerns my blog. R. pointed out a long time ago that I become engrossed in a subject in three month cycles. I scoffed at first, but realized the truth in that simple observation. I can point out when I was interested in religion, martial arts, and many subjects, when I peaked (usually with too many books), and when my interests permanently waned.

Hmmm. That's kinda good, since my constant interests (e.g., spouse, family, reading, writing, working out, sex and a few others of a more private nature) are more than enough to divide my attention.

It's a time of change.

I think the dishwasher breaking and the consequences accelerated my dissatisfaction. No, looking back, it was that perm job at the fax service. I learned a long time ago I don't like stagnation, which I realize is partially genetic, partially my upbringing.

Am I suffering a mid-life crisis? I'm barely through my thirties! Grrr. If I am, I must do something about it. I never fully understood people who complain about their lives but do nothing about it. My siblings are the same way. Unfortunately....

(Hmmm. Now that's way too personal. Goes into the private journal. Besides, it wasn't the intent of this post.)

So what's the intent? What am I trying to say?

It's time for a change.

Countdown: three days before blog change. (And I'm getting really impatient---)

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  • ARGH! The suspense is killing me! Damn, you're such a tease!

    By Blogger Greg, at 7:12 AM  

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