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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

***In a company of friends***

I met GAC and CS last night. CS was training a new volunteer. As the four of us chatted, I reflected on the joy of good company.

My nature embraces both solitude and companionship. I don't mind being alone. I would have no problem attending a movie by myself. Yet I get a pleasure in joining groups and basking in their energies. As a teen I called it "the recharge" and relied on it more than soda to keep my already prodigious energies levels up.

Some of my happiest days as a teen was playing role-playing games. We branched out, though: we'd go to the movies together, swim in the pool, call each other, and many other activities. We never rough-housed, though: looking in retrospect, none of us were of that nature.

Now the faces and subjects have changed. GAC, CS, and the volunteer talked about our histories: schools, former and current jobs, and books. K. works in a local bookstore and loves to read. We immediately struck simpatico as we discussed mutual interest in fantasy and manga.

GAC and I met at our regular feeding hole after CS shift ended. There we chatted about books including the new winner of the Booker prize. (R. got upset this morn when I revealed the winner, wanting that information last night to order the book.
Ah, well.) CS joined us and GAC launched into a fascinating description of his trip to Disneyworld. I now know where R. and I will be heading for vacation in the near future.

A discussion on what would happen if the earth had no moon in the parking lot and I returned home to the waiting (and warm) arms of a spouse. As I drove under the increasingly cloudy sky, I reflected the past and the present but--most of all--another wonderful evening in the company of friends.

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  • great post! I wanted David Mitchell to win the Booker :)

    By Blogger joe, at 7:44 PM  

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