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Friday, December 31, 2004

***Ideas for blog posts***

Random for the day (include blogs, links, etc.)
Weekend Words (discuss what happened on Saturday and Sunday)
Daily Daze (what happened on a particular day)

  • Daily Daze - I discuss what happened that particular day (e.g., today we....)
  • Event - I discussed a specific event of that day (e.g., My friend G. has this problem which is....)
  • Weekend Words - What happened over the weekend.
  • Why is it here - A relatively new idea. I chose one or more of the links on my blog and discuss why I picked it (e.g., About 51313 Harbor Street. This is actually the second time I placed this blog among my daily reads. The first time....)
  • Post-100 Fact about Me - Another new idea. I reveal an unknown facet about, well, me (e.g., I've stalked people.)
  • My Mind - A rambling, essay-esque to and fro discussion about a subject I feel strongly about at that time (e.g., They're gorgeous. So why can't they find The One? or Single Folks: the New Pariah?)


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