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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ah, the sleeper awakes...*

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The generated enthusiasm gathered from the Stackpole signing died Monday when I groggily arrived at work at 0600, an hour early. Energy that would later develop would be channeled into returning to working out (see Weights below) and other endevours. It would not be until after attending the Alex Sanchez signing that my writing interest was renewed.

Returned to the gym on Monday and Tuesday. Interesting experience and feelings. I felt a sort of...detachment...from my workout collagues that I haven't felt in a while. And I wasn't gone for long: two weeks. I think the reason is that I'm become too complacent with my workout routine, becoming too stagnant. Don't get me wrong, though. I enjoy each and every class.

But I know the regulars and the instructors too well now and--to be modest--am a bit of a celebrity with them. This is especially true at the Tuesday class where the instructor and a couple of students conspire (for fun, of course) to indulge in my least favorite exercise: leg lifts. Ugh.

I'll make some changes over the course of the summer. Again, I have access to the gym at work and there are new branches that I want to explore with their new classes. And I'm strongly encouraged with the fact that I lost weight while out sick for two weeks. While my body (especially the upper part) hasn't defined itself, at least my "spare tire" hasn't grown.

The week's been actually busy.

Monday I dropped off my car at a dealership for some maintenance and rented a Lincoln LS, one of the cars I was interested in last year. I hit the gym for the first time in two weeks (see Weights above), feeling that I was at the tail end of my cold. Tuesday I would return the car, noting that, while I liked it, there were enough faults to cross it off my wish list.

Tuesday I didn't meet my friends CS and GAC, with the former sick and having family visit. Poor baby. I hit the gym that evening for an excellent workout.

Yesterday I attend the Alex Sanchez booksigning. An enjoyable (though long) evening that merits its own post.

While engaged in all the above activities (and assume there's more like trips to the postoffice, lunch out, etc.), I realized I was not feeling down anymore. Long story short, I've felt I've been a mild depression for the past couple of years. I'm still not sure of the reasons but, after extensive discussion with The Spouse, point to the job changes (both of us), my lack of exercise, and the remodeling as major culprits. Another one is feeling that I'm not accomplishing anything with my life and my goals. But a few crisises and, most importantly, time, has helped me weather the doldrums.

Today's currently the most relaxing day with no current plans which I definitely want to enjoy. R.'s off tomorrow and next Monday as the upcoming Festival of Books rapidly approaches.

*...and wishes he could pull the covers over his head and go back to sleep.


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