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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Weekend Words

Finished Biceps of Death for my reading group. And I feel like death warmed over (see below). Well, there goes the reading group.

I have a cold.

I should have known that, when I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat, that I was sick. I thought it was the cold air. (We forgot to set the A/C the prior night.) But when the soreness persisted throughout the day, I knew I was in trouble.

Talk about bad timing (see below). The sinus probs and the coughs started last night. But what really irritates me is that I trace the source to the gym, the bastion of health and (for me) sanctuary from the high-pressure modern world.

Work's dominating R.'s life at the moment. On-call last weekend and suddenly pulled to do an all-nighter tonight into Wednesday morning.

Similar circumstances for me. My boss gave me a fairly extensive assignment last Thursday and authorized overtime if need be. Normally I wouldn't mind except that we're prepping up for the next phase of remodeling: the downstairs flooring. I spent much of the weekend boxing books and stuff in preparation to move them upstairs. Well, there's still plenty to be done before our contractor and his staff move the heavy furniture into the garage. R. and I planned to spend yesterday, today, Wednesday, and Thursday, plans that got blindsided by our respective workplaces.

But events didn't lighten up. Adding to the increased workload is the fact that I'm manifesting a cold (see above). Lovely. If I needed further proof that the universe is out to kill humanity, this is it. (Well, actually, Barney was the last straw....)


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