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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It's just another thorough Tuesday, whoa, oh....

My reading group and I discussed Biceps last night. I'll post a full review later but basically we found the book light and mildly entertaining...once. The characters were two-dimensional, stereotypical, and the main character was way too passive, not even solving the mystery. Grrr.

NOTE to self: Watch out for steam rooms and, when at the gym, don't touch your face with your hands until thoroughly scrubbed.

Thank the gods (or whatever nastily humoured beings run/manifest/burped the multi-verse) my current job is--relatively--non-stressful. Still I didn't put in overtime as my boss had requested last week. I fell into a coma (i.e., deep sleep) for a couple of hours after getting safely home. Ran a couple of errands before joining my friends to discuss Biceps. Both were quite surprised to see me at 1930. (I usually show up around 2100.) Told them I was sick, had to run errands, and continue to pack. They understood and quickly launched into discussion.

Afterwards I checked out a couple of B&Ns for some books R. had requested. No luck, I returned home. I snacked while returning some calls to family and friends. Dad's definitely improving, healthwise. He asked me to thank R. for the call on Sunday. My sister JAC told me she and her family will be going on vacation out of state soon. My final call was with my friend JE who gave me the latest lowdown on his life (e.g., hitting the gym more, "breakup" with a liar, etc.) Afterwards I packed a few items before retreating to bed.


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