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Friday, June 10, 2005

***Gonna (cont.)***

What shall the first post be under this new guideline? As the song goes, “how about sex, baby?

Now before you go and click away, this is a PG post. I am a married man, remember? No, I’ll just be discussing how sexuality is appearing all over the place for me. (Now you can click to leave.)

I think it’s the workouts. I discovered a few years ago that intense and long-term physical activity heightens my awareness of the human body: a curve here, the toned muscle, the beauty of a face. Sometimes I’m amazed where my eyes roam: hands, feet, and even the style of hair.

Clothing makes a big difference. I discovered a while back that semi-formal clothing seems to accent features better than the more typical jeans and t-shirts. (That is, unless the vision of beauty is exceptionally well-endowed.) Slacks, especially, highlight one’s firmness of buttocks (or lack of). And a silk (or facsimile) shirt? Heavenly on an in-shape person.

The irony here is that my awareness of human beauty actually plummets, of all places, at the gym. I rarely look at the barely clad, sweating bodies. For me, it’s a matter of both attitude (I’m here to work out) and courtesy (i.e., it’s rude to stare.) Fortunately, the physical effects of one’s exertions remain hours after the last pump at the chest press. I read that one should do a full-body workout at least a couple of hours before a date to maximize one’s physical appeal.

I definitely know weather’s playing a factor in my increase awareness of beauty. As California’s rainy season fades away, folks are wearing less bulk and clothing themselves even less. This is very much apparent in the increasing amount of sun: I’ve seen a lot of beauty under near-skin tight white tops and even a few white shorts. As a species, we love the sun and I’m reveling in it.
Finally, my attitude is changing. I’ve always been a person who preferred the older set: the maturity, the security, and the adultness of older bodies that gawky teenie boppers—no matter how mature (hah!)—couldn’t match. But now that I’m in that older category (thirties), I’m seeing that attractiveness of dawning maturity (i.e., twenty plus year olds. I still think teenagers—physically--are too rough and unformed to be considered attractive.)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the cliché goes. And I’m glad to open my eyes wide open.

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