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Friday, July 08, 2005

***Thursday Talk Time***

The title of this post refers to yesterday’s events.

The Muse has been kind for the past couple of days. Words flowed like LA traffic on a good day. So of course the bi#@% left me last night high and dry.

So did I moan and whine about it? Declare writers block and pretend to write while oogling all the cuties coming to and fro in the coffeeshop. Heck, no. I went after her and, dragging and screaming, to help me with my outline instead. After the dust settled down (the claw marks on my face will heal eventually), I came away with more depth to the current scene and a brand new chapter.

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“You don’t wait for inspiration to come to you; you go after it with a big stick” (author unknown).

(to be continued)


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