Words, Weights, Whatever

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned all day Tuesday:

For being bored at my job.

For lusting after some really attractive co-workers.

For constantly thinking about cars instead of inputting blueprints or scanning documentation.

For still thinking my spouse is stupid for not staying at home while sick.

For being my spouse is a workaholic so I can write in the evenings.

For lusting after some really good cars.

For blogging way too much or researching cars.

For watching way too many DVDs and their lustful contents.

While waiting for my spouse’s glasses to be fixed, I lusted across the backside of a beautiful bartender whose smile still stirs my loins.

For consuming two frappuccinos, a coffee cake, lots of water, and a cup-of-noodle soup.

For whining about my writing: should I pursue this dream or work for that Jaguar?

For surfing the Internet way too much.


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