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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

***Wizards and war machines and weirdoes, oh my (Part II)***

(continued from prior post)

The same couldn’t be said for the Sunday and Monday morning activities.

Sunday morn we joined R.’s family for brunch.

We had been invited (notice the ‘we’) to one of R.’s sister’s brother-n-law’s son’s bar mitzbah. Since I missed the older son’s bar mitzbah, I was keen to attend his brother’s celebration into manhood.

But first, we attended a Sunday brunch in his honor.

I’ll state it again: people are fascinating. I sat next to a guest who, basically, was a gopher for some rich folks in Beverly Hills. As we conversed, I realized I was sitting next to a mirror, one that reflected, unfortunately, all my indecisiveness, insecurities, and “whineness”. Worse, as I listened to a repetition of “I don’t know where to go from here”, my Muse began to take notes for characters in my current work-in-progress. Ouch!

That afternoon we completed our visit to expo. Whew!

Monday turned out to be busy and not due to the holiday.

We attended the bar mitzbah. I have to admit it was a bit disconcerting. There’s enough similarities to Xtian/catholic services that I thought I was at a confirmation. But sight of Herbrew, the various paraphernalia on the rabbi’s head and arm, and, later, the candy throwing (!) reminded me this was not Christiandom anymore. My Muse was definitely taking notes.

That evening, we saw the movie, Batman Begins. I ended the holiday weekend by writing in PD and jotting down three good new pages. I give the weekend a C.


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