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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

***Joel A-Z (C)***

C is for comic books.

I've been collecting comic books since high school freshman year year. I distinctly remember the issue: Uncanny X-men, with Colossus fighting Juggernaught.

The X-titles have been the mainstay of my collection. I would not expand my titles until after college and marriage when I started collect DC (post-Crisis) titles like Superman, wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. I noticed a split in my taste for Marvel and DC comics: the former were primarily team titles (e.g., X-men, Avengers, etc.) while the latter were primarily solo characters (e.g., Wonder Woman, Robin.)

I collect very few comics from independent ("indie") companies like Dark Horse. I collected a few from Image but found most of them, like Spawn or W.I.L.DCats, to be like weeknight television: all art, no substance. Yes, art's important for comic books (otherwise I'd read a book), but ultimately there has to be a story that moves those characters. Otherwise, I'd buy posters.

I don't know how many comic books I own. I've made attempts to cull them over the years and have only been partially successful. The industry has realized the need for more sophisticated storylines and characters which makes it difficult for me to drop a title. Right now I've narrowed down to Amazing X-men, Astro City, Green Lantern Corps, JLA, and Teen Titans. I started to collect Robin for the spouse but find the issues interesting myself.

I sometimes think of dropping comic books. They're costly and consume space. (I don't throw away issues unless they're badly mangled.) But I don't: I enjoy reading them and that's what counts.


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