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Friday, January 20, 2006

Week (weeks?) in review

Wow. It has been nearly a week since I last posted on my blog. One of my fellow Autobloggers had the same issue, for once they started posting, they rarely wrote in their personal blog.

I'm working on it so bear with me, please.

The Spouse was on-call most of last week. I spent too much time on-line though, on Wednesday, we met at the Los Angeles Auto Show for dinner and to walk around. Later I visited my sister and my parents on Saturday. My brother-in-law went out of town so my parents, fearing that my preggy sister would not be able to handle her son, spent the holiday weekend. I stopped by as well and proved to be a far more helpful family member than my parents. I love them, but my mom and dad proved to be more of a burden than company to my sibling.

Sunday was the first day R. and I had time fully together. We enjoyed our time watching anime.

I saw my friends C. and G. for the first time this year. We met at our usual watering hole on Tuesday. Both are doing well: C.'s doing well at his new job and living on his own; G.'s been busy with The BF and seeing lots of plays (and don't forget the Magic Kingdom.)


  • ha, well a week not blogging isn't so bad. :)

    By Blogger joe, at 11:00 PM  

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