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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back into the grind

You would think that, after writing four blogs daily, that writing in my own personal blog would be the last thing I would want to do. But it's not: I not only feel obligated to write but I want to write. Weird, eh? This must be that writing urge that many of my fellow writers always talked about but rarely experienced.

Last Saturday I spent the day baby-sitting my nephew. I wore him out according to his father. Later I visited my sister in the hospital where she's recovering from delivering her second child, a grrrl. They're doing fine and were released to go home on Sunday.

Sunday the spouse and I shopped. And shopped. Robinson-May is being closed by Federated (its owner) and all the closing stores are having sales. But at 30%-40% off, though, they're not that great of a bargain. I did purchase a new wardrobe much of it represents a new style for me.

And there's a reason.

I'm currently in the third (or is it fourth?) week of my current job. Everyone is so young; my boss looks like he's barely out of college and many of my colleagues are discussing mid-terms. While I have no problem working with such a group, I admit their styles are rubbing off on me. Thus, I actually--gasp!--bought stylin' blue jeans instead of my standard (and old school) Levi's. I'm now contemplating a tattoo. Just kidding!

I didn't see my friends G and C this Tuesday. Yesterday R. and I spent the evening watching anime and just enjoying time together. Very important for relationships.

Huh. After reading the above post, I've decided I need to change my writing style in the future. Look for subtle changes starting with my hair colour.


  • I think you should go for this look for you new hair.....

    No, really....

    By Blogger Greg, at 10:42 AM  

  • Tattoo? Dunno if they have one wild enough for you. ;)

    By Blogger Leon, at 3:21 AM  

  • Heh a lot of people seem to be contemplating changing their appearance around about now ... maybe it's the promise of spring in the air? ;)

    By Blogger Alex, at 4:35 AM  

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