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Thursday, May 03, 2007

May Resolutions

While most folks make their New Year's resolutions at
the beginning of the, well, "new year", I make mine on
May, my birth month. They include:

Drop at least 40 pounds. How? Switching to a
high-vegetable, fruit diet. Increase protein intake
from non-meat sources (e.g., soy) while eliminating
most carbs after 6PM. Increase cardio workouts from
once a week to at least three times a week. Resume
weight-training with an emphasis on toning and
conditioning. That means four times a week of light
weights/low reps (which is much harder than strength
building or mass increase). Lower cholesterol by May

Complete reading at least one fiction book a week. (I
haven't decided yet if I want to rejoin my friends in
our reading group.)

Throw a summer party for friends. We're thinking
either June, July, or August.

Have house ready for family/friend visit by October.
(This project alone merits its own post.)

Donations by year's end. This can be combined with
prepping the house for family/friend visit.

Budget by end of May.

Run at least one rpg by year's end.

Upload at least 500 new books for book business by

Complete all stalled house projects by year's end.
Projects include bathroom fixtures and flooring.

Cull down comic book subscription to five titles (at
most) by July.

Buy a new car by end of May.

As I mentioned with the house project, several of
these merit their own posts. I'll be posting on them

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  • Wow that is awfully ambitious. You might want to take some of it step-by step.

    I've heard mixed reviews of the 'crbs after 6 pm' thing. Some say that it doesn't matter when you eat them, others swear it has helped. Maybe jsut the fact of cutting out some carbs helps...


    By Blogger TK, at 8:43 AM  

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