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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

2004 Goals

Still tentative...


Complete the first draft of my work-in-progress(WIP) by the end of the second quarter.
Have novel ready to be submitted by end of the fourth quarter.
Write at least an article a month for (possible) submission to Vision and other sources.
Complete at least one comic book script by year's end.


New body measurements by end of January.
Reduce body fat to 10% by year's end.
Stabilize total body weight to 200 lbs (190 lbs muscle, 10 lbs fat).
Take up martial arts? Decide by mid-year.
Take up boxing? Decide by mid-year.
Benchpress my bodyweight (200lbs) by year's end.
Perform 3x10 of pullups unaided.
Attempt to two cardio classes back-to-back again once per quarter.
Abs. I want that six-pack showing by mid-year.
Get gums healthy again by second checkup (second quarter.)
Get cholesterol


Look for new job? Decide by end of first quarter.
House cleaned and organized by end of second quarter (details to follow).
Socialize with friends once a month.
Socialize with family once a month.
See a new play once a month.
Extra house payment to mortgage principle in December.
Switch personal finances to Quicken or other similar program so can chart income/expenditures. Start January.
Create and implement budget by end of first quarter.
continue to pay back parents for car gift/loan.
Fix sprinkler system by end of second quarter.
Schedule a "true" vacation in October.
Finally visit Palm Springs.
Visit Mammoth?

More to come as I think of specifics....


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