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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Commitment for all the right reasons

Last night (Wednesday) I attended a demo at a local United Studio of Self Defense (USSD). Found the sensei (teacher) pleasant, talkative, and--to me, at least--young (mid-thirties?). He gave no sales pitch: he stated the martial art taught at the school and the importance for a prospective like myself to find the style that matched my goal. He included a free copy of Black Belt magazine with an article on finding the "right" style.

Should I take up the martial arts again in 2004? Money's not the issue. I can just cut back on my comic books (which I have been already) and a couple of lunches. Time? Definitely an issue but no worse than when I work out in the evenings.

It's the "why" that's bothering me. When I admit to myself why I really want to work out, I find the answers...disconcerting. Very short-term.

I've scheduled a free practice session next week. Maybe I'll be better informed after that session and a heart-to-heart talk with R. and others. I'll then have a long inward look at myself and ask again, "is this the right motivation?"


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