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Thursday, October 21, 2004

***A Day in the Life***

Yesterday was R.'s half-day. After I got home from work, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants. Empty space greeted us; the weather had driven most folks from eating out. We chatted with the servers for quite some time before finally ordering our regular dish.

Preparation for the house remodeling continues. R. spent considerable time that afternoon researching brands for the new stove top, the vent, and the dishwasher. I promised to look at the printouts later. We discussed our weekend and vacation plans. There's an author signing, for example, this weekend.

Drenching rains had bombarded us when we left that evening but had cleared when we arrived at the restaurant. They were still gone when we were finished. We ended the evening watching anime. We can't believe how Hunter X Hunter continues to get better. I read several chapters in the River God's Vengeance. As I finally drifted to sleep, I thought how I needed to start Kavalier and Clay.

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