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Friday, October 22, 2004

***One of those (work) days***

At work, I noticed the error light on the nearby colour printer is blinking. Being a good temp, I take it upon myself to replace the empty cartridge. I checked with one of the more experienced admin who referred me to Supplies across the parking lot. I mosey over, enjoying the sunshine. No cartridge. So I return to my building and ask him again. He refers me to another person. I contact her and she's able to find the ink for me. Course I have to trudge over to the other building to pick it up.

I replace the cartridge, satisfied my good samaritan deed is over. The printer clicks, then flashes the error light again. I squint to read the message: out of paper. No prob, I think as I go to the nearby copier room where the paper's stored. No paper.

So I trudge over again to the other building, this time not enjoying the weather. I return with the heavy box, my face wet now from the humidity and the fact someone didn't turn the air-conditioner on in our building. I load the paper and am finally reward with junk being spewed out.

Not my issue, I think as, one more act of kindness, I load the other printers around the office and encounter:

  • One machine jammed from a prior bodged fax job

  • Load too much paper in another machine and have probs opening the drawer to remove the extra paper.

  • Another machine's print job starts just as I'm opening the drawer, forcing me to clear the jam.

Grrr. What's that old cliche'? Ah, yes: no good deed goes unpunished. (A settement The Spouse heartily agrees about patients.)


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