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Thursday, November 18, 2004

***Drawn Together (Episode Three)***

Our remodeling efforts continued last night. The floor contractor came over to take pics and measurements of our staircase since he'll be ordering the custom-built thingie and any mistakes will cost him. He's already ordered the wood. And The Spouse (TS) this weekend will be ordering the various appliances: the stove top, the overhead vent, etc. I need to select the sinks for the kitchen and washroom for my part.

Eek. It's really happening. We're actually redoing our house.

After a wonderful dinner, we returned home and just read while waiting to see the third episode of Drawn Together at 2230. Here are some of the high lights:

  • You know those stupid competitions held by reality shows? Drawn Together parodied them by having the roommates break into teams: one to find the cure for polio and the other to put an egg in a bucket*. Winners get food while the losing team starves for a week.
  • Baby that looked like a turd.
  • Princess Clara's song about bullies. Let's just say some of the lyrics would have shocked Christians and Jews.
  • What the starving Spank Ham did to Clara's animal friends.
  • What Clara did to...never mind.
  • The bulima jokes.
  • Why Xandir doesn't have a gag reflex any more (and, no, it's not what you think. Much.)
  • A certain "blockhead" in leather gear.
  • A horny Ling-ling and a dead chicken all alone in a stomach for a week.

Overall, we enjoyed the show but it's definitely not for the easily offended or PC-zealots. Repeat tonight at 2200 PST. Next week is a repeat of the very first episode. Damn.

*The egg in bucket team won. Barely.


  • LOL...loved the scene towards the end with Charlie Brown and Natasha from Bullwinkle as the new BDSM playmates. :D

    By Blogger angreeblkcub, at 12:14 PM  

  • Okay, help me out here. When Spanky Ham jumped up from behind the computer while presumably downloading porn, did they indeed show his dick? 'Cause it sure looked like it.

    By the way, isn't this a great show?

    By Blogger Crash, at 11:40 AM  

  • RE: Spanky Ham.
    You mean that long, pointy thing? Oh, YEAH. (And apparently pig's orgasm last at least an hour.)

    By Blogger Joel, at 12:31 PM  

  • Did you see the gerbil (squirrel) come out of the gay guy's butt? Hilarious. Great show, but definitely not for the easily offended.

    By Blogger Dumbek, at 7:10 PM  

  • I love Drawn Together episodes. It's soo cool Show. Thousands of very popular American, Canadian and British TV shows are available with us. The Second episode of second season of this show is really entertaining one. Although Drawn Together Online has always been a very sweet and funny animation series. The Board of Education was the funniest episode of the second season of series.

    By Blogger roland, at 4:39 AM  

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