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Monday, January 10, 2005


Spent much of the weather indoors.

Part of the reasons was due to the rains. SoCal's finally entering its other major season (the first, of course, being bright and sunny). Three small storms from Hawaii have brought four days of chill (low to mid 60s), wetness, and gray to the state's otherwise bright, hot, and parched sky and landscape. SoCalifornians, of course, reacted appropriately, driving with little, if any regard, to the weather. Accidents rose in reactions; I've seen at least one major accident a day. Sigh.

Saturday we early, which is unusual for us on the weekends. That's because we had to drop The Spouse's (TS) vehicle off at the dealership. What a line! I noted the other dealerships (Saturn, GM, and Mitsubishi) had but a fraction of the size. At first I thought the numbers reflected problems with Honda cars; I then realized the sheer number of the popular import in SoCal.

After dropping off the car, we had breakfast at one of our favorite local restaurants. We were surprised at the number of customers (or lack of). Blame (or praise) the weather for keeping folks indoor.

We relaxed at home before receiving a call from the dealership stating the car was ready. After we picked it up, I ran errands, then rejoined TS to check out one of the local stone slab outlets for countertops for the bathroom. We then headed to Huntington Beach and purchased--finally!--appliances for the kitchen. I'm so glad we didn't try to buy two cars this year! Dined at a local restaurant before heading home to relax for the rest of the evening.

We woke on Sunday at our usual time of after 1000. Had brunch at one of our favorite Indian restaurants. The weather was definitely lightening; we didn't even bring our umbrellas or jackets. The rest of the day and night was spent indoors watching anime, reading, and surfing the Internet. (There were other things, too, but this is a G-rated blog.) We originally planned to do chores as well but since TS was on-call today, we decided to chill like the weather. (Well, outside. We were warm and toasting indoors.)


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