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Thursday, February 03, 2005

***Progress, not perfection***

I first became of this post's title from one of my writing books. Apparently it's a famous saying from AA.

The line currently exemplifies my attitude towards many of my projects. Or I try to keep it in mind when I think of those projects. From the remodeling to fitness to writing to debt reduction (and many, many more), all have one thing in common: time, a commodity that can't be either increased or decreased. (And, yes, I'm aware of Einstein's equation, gravity, and all that jazz and how they affect time. None are applicable in the post since one can't exactly obtain such devices. Star Trek is fiction despite what fan(atic)s think.)

Since time can't be increased or decreased, I've had to focus on maximizing each aspect of a project on a daily basis. Boxing some books here, visiting friends there, generating a page (or two) during an hour, etc. The effort is beginning to show. Yesterday, for example, all the new kitchen cabinets were set up. Wow. They looked like they belonged in a much more expensive home. And we met with our contractor yesterday to discuss the bathrooms and bar. There's a good chance those areas will be complete by month's end.

My fitness efforts continue to bear fruit. I've already lost four pounds since the beginning of the month. Even better, I've slowed down "secretary spread" that's been afflicting my backside for some time. (See Forging for more details.)

My other projects have not faired as well. The issue are not doing doing the steps, but starting them. Aargh. Any one got a cattle prod?


  • A cattle prod? I think OCLA could have helped you with that on Tuesday.

    But, I understand how difficult it is to start something. I'm one for procrastinating.

    By Blogger Greg, at 8:15 AM  

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