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Thursday, January 27, 2005

***Daily Ten***

A long time ago one of my sisters mentioned that while she knew what she had to do every day, she felt so disorganized that she left a lot of those tasks undone. I understood; as my life became more complicated (it's a myth that adults have it easier than children or, especially, teenagers), I'm consciously allowing more tasks to be left aside. Unfortunately, some of those said tasks are important enough to return and bite one's behind. Hard.

I remember reading years ago about an executive who asked for some advice on how to be more productive from one of those famous training/inspiration coaches. "Write down the ten most important tasks you have to do that day and don't do anything else until you've done them." When the executive took out his checkbook, the coach said only pay him what he thinks the advice is worth. Later, when they met again, the executive gave him a check for several tens of thousands of dollars.

Be right back (BRB). I've already completed one task for the day.


  • I must say I am soooooo impressed with your determination to follow a list of goals. I can't even get a list going! :)

    By Blogger joe, at 9:07 PM  

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