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Thursday, January 20, 2005

***Get into the mood boy, you've got to mood boy...***

A...habit, if you will...that I developed while dieting of so many years ago is to be more aware of my moods. I especially had to be aware since, as a hypoglycemic all my life, food influence my emotions far more than most folks (as my non-hypoglycemic spouse could attest.)

I've felt lethargic and mildly depressed for the past several months. Much of it I attribute to my current eating habits, lack of fitness and sleep. Basically, a typical American ;-)

Unfortunately, there's that...spark...inside me that refuses to let myself stay in such a rut...er...condition. Once I would have bowed to the inevitable and followed whatever flames were caused whether it be religion, cars, or role-playing games. But age (not necessarily wisdom) stymies those feelings; now I look at those impulses, yawn, and wonder morosely if it's worth it.


There's a famous quote (which, of course, I can't remember) found in the book, Dune, where the main character's teacher tells his young charge that mood is for music and love-making. One cannot afford mood, though, in battles for survival. While my situation is not that extreme, I've realized for some time now that to accomplish certain goals (e.g., get back in shape, complete a novel, etc.) mood is not a consideration.

Well, back to work.


  • See what happens when you don't meet us for your weekly Hoff's Hutt pie?

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