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Monday, January 31, 2005

***Schedule Monday, 01/31 through Friday, 02/05***

Hit the gym at least three times (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday?).
See friends? (Tuesday).
Work on work-in-progess (WIP) with the goal of at least a page a day (after 1830 or 2200).
On weekends, have only one restaurant meal per weekend day, preferably from the Entertainment Guide. (Saturday?)
Contact financial institution regarding request. (Wednesday).
One meal out during the week (Wednesday?)
Assemble tax materials (Thursday).
Get some new pants (Thursday).
Food and miscellaneous shopping (Monday). This includes the once-a-month pie (Tuesday).
Visit wholesalers to select slabs and tiles for kitchen and bathrooms (Saturday).
Read at least one chapter in something. (Daily, either in the morn or before hitting the sheets. On-line stuff and mags don't count.)
Start planning time off and vacation activities. (Thursday? Friday?)
Pay bills (Monday, Friday).


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