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Monday, January 24, 2005

***Home is where the heart is***

The entire weekend revolved around the house. Saturday, after mailing out an order (yeah!) we checked out some stone slabs for the counter-tops for the new bathroom cabinets. This included tiles. We met with our contractor as well; the new kitchen cabinets looked good and sounded solid. Sunday we returned to Expo (which is becoming like a second home) on more tile issues for the bathrooms.

The evenings were spent (you guessed it) at home. Only time we left was to get a bite to eat. As you can imagine, we're going out more since the kitchen's a bit--empty--at the moment. Specifically, no sink, cabinets, dishwasher, etc.

Huh. That reminds me. Better stop by the local market to pick up paper cups and plates.

The contractors returned this morning to install the new cabinets. Later this week the new canned lights will be going up in the kitchen.

So much work and so much money....


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