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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

***Soured by sickness***

I should have known the sore throat Thursday morn was not due to allergies. But I kept an eye on it all day and through Friday with continued hope. But that evening pretty much confirmed it: I had caught the cold.

Saturday we checked out tiles after a very filling breakfast. We spent the rest of the evening watching anime. Same pretty much on Sunday. I tried to enjoy myself despite worsening from the cold. Fortunately I had realized it early enough to start treating it with Cold-EZ(tm). Thus, by Sunday night I wasn't in dire straits like I usually am from colds. I decided, though, not to take chances. I called in sick yesterday and rested much of the morning and evening. I did muster enough energy for the afternoon to run some chores: dropping off clothes at the drycleaners and payment of bills. We spent the evening, of course, watching anime.


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