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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

***100 words (Hour Nine)***

It’s the ninth hour already? My god(s), can I make this?

What can I write about? Do I have anything? In the last post, my Muse (hi, y’all!) popped in and saved the day. Well, actually, it was the Editor/Low Self-esteem persona/voice but I still was able to get something out of it. Now I don’t what to write about.

Is it time to pull out the last resort and—gasp!—talk about…other bloggers!

No, no! I shouldn’t! I must resist the temptation to post what I truly, honestly, actually think about their blogs: the design, the contents, and the pics (or lack of).

Whew! Did it. It’s past one hundred words. The secrets are still safe…for now.

Count: words 121


  • We're all still cheering you on! But now I'm also a little apprehensive about Hour 10 . . .

    By Blogger Nick, at 4:58 PM  

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