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Monday, June 20, 2005

***One word weekend***

Writing’s the word
That you’ve heard
It’s got groove
It’s got meaning

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were dominated by writing sessions. Friday and, especially, Sunday, were extremely productive; I finished two chapters in the former and one in the latter. Already I can see major problems but I’ll deal with them in the second and subsequent draft. I think I’ve learned from the (very common) writer’s tendency to rewrite the same scene(s) over and over again.

Saturday, though, was a quiet disaster. I allowed myself to be distracted by cars. I researched Jaguars (S-type) instead of writing. I barely had time to write in my journal by the time the coffeeshop had closed.

The Spouse (TS) had plenty of paperwork over the weekend. The only “fun” time we really had was going out to lunch on Sunday and watching a DVD together later that evening. Otherwise, it was The Word that dominated our lives.


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