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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

***Weekend Words***

We had contractors out (again) on Saturday. I ran errands and wrote while R. worked on, well, work-related stuff. After the contractors had left, we drove up Saturday to attend L.A. Pride.

We immediately noted how fewer booths stood in comparison to last year. But unlike Long Beach’s festival, more of them were community services rather than outright businesses. We did see, however, three remodeling companies but didn’t stop after seeing their wears.

Because R. had one choir tickets at Long Beach, we checked out all booths that had games of chance. The first one offered $75k towards a new car. We signed up for (possible) vacations at may others. After bumping (finally) into our friends GAC and CS, R. spun for lesser prizes like a bead necklace.

We were, of course, inundated with bags of free mags and even DVDs.

We bumped into other friends and acquaintances during our six hour tour, a sharp contrast to (again) Long Beach Pride, with all from our (former) association with A/PC years ago. To me, it was amazing how many of these folks hadn’t changed: they were still active within our community or (with one) still looking for cheap thrills.

I had made reservations at a local restaurant. So, after feeding the parking meter one more time, we lunched over our favorite meals. We later walked about to check out the stores, most of which we were familiar. I admitted, though, that a few had changed beyond recognition. Later in the week, GAC and CS would tell me more changes of familiar landmarks of our youth.

We re-entered the festival later in the evening. There was a dramatic change: the number of people had significantly increased and many booths had closed. And many of the staff for the open ones were less friendly; they weren’t unpleasant, just less enthusiastic. But the biggest disappointment was the stage show: none of the local bands played during our two hour visit. We finally called it a night and returned home.

Sunday we both spent working. Later I would work on my novel.


  • I walked away from there with three bags of free stuff. My hands remained in a clenched state for a few hours after finally arriving home!

    Definitley more community rather than vendor involvmenet at L.A. Pride. It just seemed a bit smaller than I remembered.

    By Blogger Greg, at 8:31 AM  

  • The new format works as did the old one. Experiment and find what you like.

    One friend said he stopped going to "artificial and obligatory flaunt sessions" (Pride Day) because it reminded him of going to church only at Easter and Christmas. I didn't agree with his reasoning but with his choosing not to attend. But then I go to most public events on a whim anyway.

    By Blogger Leon, at 7:59 PM  

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