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Monday, June 27, 2005

***Weekend Words***

Writing efforts continued, spending both Saturday (especially) and Sunday afternoon at the coffeeshop and just…writing.

The above efforts have been aided by a breakdown of the shop’s wireless transmitter. I have not been able to access the Internet from that location since Wednesday. I did meet a couple of technicians both days. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to resolve the issue and will now be pulling out the big guns: the equipment vendor. (If you’ve never worked for a major corporation, you won’t understand the costs involved.)

While my writing’s going well, my fitness efforts continue to languish. I nearly worked out Saturday morning but The Spouse’s pleas—and warm body--“persuade” me to reconsider. Didn’t hurt I was up until the wee hours Friday night/Saturday morning (0200).

The house-remodeling continues with both major contractors coming in on Saturday. It’s funny. There seems to be an almost “surge and retreat” pattern to the contractors’ efforts. They arrive promptly and work for a while, then vanish for a week or more. And when you get in touch with them, they promise they’ll be back “the next day/week” and promptly don’t. Very, very frustrating.

Right now we’re in the formal cycle. I’ve given up trying to “steady” their comings and goings. It’s too much mental effort.

I’ve also been applying the same attitude towards my spouse, who’s currently going through a really bad cold. Unfortunately, the old cliché about physicians being the worse patients is true. R., instead of taking a day or two off to rest, continues to get up at 0600, drive the hour and forty minutes to work, work insane hours, and come home at 2200 and go to bed between 0000-0100. And the intensity of the workload has not let up. I’ve begged, pleaded, and—I’m sorry to admit—nearly threatened for R. to stay home. (The latter’s a big No-No; separating over a non-lethal bug is stupid. Besides, it wouldn’t work anyway and hurt both of us instead.)

Checked out the Carfaire both days and, on Saturday, finally bought a pair of blue jeans to wear on Friday casual days at work. Unfortunately, I realized, as I tried them on, that my waist has expanded and I now have to wear size 38 jeans again. Fortunately, though, with a belt.

Time to board the diet train again….

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