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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

***100 Words (Hour Eleven)***

No substance

I reviewed (but not edit) the last ten posts and noted that none of them have anything of substance. No profound thoughts, humorous observation of humanity (lots of fodder with that one!), or even a blow by blow charting of my day. (Dull, trust me.)

But that’s okay. Intent is the most important thing of any post.

Why anyone writes, regardless if it’s for a blog, a journal, a novel, or even a business letter, reveals much about that person. Like the classically cliches about snowflakes and sand, every written piece tells you something about the writer. Next time you read something, “listen” to the cadence of the sentences or even the word choices. Do they use abbreviations? Start with a verb? Are the sentences long with lots of clauses or short ? You’ll soon recognize just how alike the writer’s to your own thoughts, and how different.

One more post to go.

Count: words 158


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