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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

***Vacation, is the spice of life (Part II)***

After getting a bit snappy Thursday morn (hypoglycemic crash. You get used to it. Sorta.), we arrived at the convention center around noon.

Crowds were still small. I purchased our 2006 tickets before we entered the main hall. We split up and I immediately found a food court where I purchased pizza and a drink. While sitting on the floor (all the tables had been taken), I was joined by a father, his son, and two grrrls. The latter two were from the O.C. and we discussed Anime Expo; the latter were locals and anime fanatics.

One thing I immediately noted from last year is the costumes. Or lack of. Far less folks wore costumes even on Saturday. And those who did wore primarily Star Wars garb. Ugh.

R. and I met periodically every two hours. I had already purchased all my items that day (role-playing supplements and a few independent comic books) before our first meeting. We split our purchases and continued on until 1900 before heading out for dinner. We checked a couple of new places before deciding to go back to Wednesday’s restaurant. To work off our very full bellies, we visited Obelisk that evening.

To be continued


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