Words, Weights, Whatever

Monday, November 21, 2005


Let's see:

NaNoWriMo has been progressing. I had a late start and wrote less than the minimum number of words per day. But with heroic efforts I'm only three days behind at this point. I should be able to not only catch up but exceed the minimum amount by week's end.

Did I mention I had been asked by a website to apply to become a freelance writer for them? I had scheduled an telephone interview this morning but never received a call. But that's not the end of the invitation. More to follow.

Weight has stabilized around 208 pounds. Still on track to get down as close to 177 pounds (yikes!) by my birthday next year. I do, know, though, I need to schedule more cardio workouts.
Had a fun time visiting my brother-in-law and nephews over the weekend. The spouse, though, had to work. Neither of us are happy but it happens.

Regarding my current temp assignment. More on that after January.

Holidays are coming up. Ack! Gotta buy pies. And ice cream. And sodas. Geez.


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