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Monday, October 24, 2005

***Vacation, is the spice of life***

R. was in a near panic last week. "Was it going to rain on Thursday?" I kept hearing. "No, not Thursday. It would so unfair!"

Thankfully the night was clear for we had tickets to Knotts Scary Farm that evening.

The event, our fourth(?) visit, greeted us with not only calm and cool evening weather, but few kids at the park. At first. We arrived shortly after the event opened and proceeded quickly to get inside the park's walls. We were halfway to the bathrooms when we realized the guides had not given us a map. A quick response to nature and back to the gates where we snatched up the souvenier(sp?).

We saw a show first, an improv trio who opened their act with a rap song. Hilarious. Then we hit the mazes: two new ones and an oldie but goodie. We dined casually at one of our favorite park restaurants (and, of course, I can't remember its name) then more mazes. We tried watching the Calico hanging but, except for its poking fun at a certain magical place on earth ("ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls), left early to see another show. We realized we missed two mazes and bolted through them.

Friday was a work day for me. And, of course, I was exhausted and had plenty of work. I was not a happy camper when I got home that evening. A good meal at the Thai restaurant, though, lightened my mood (though made me real sleepy that evening.)

We slept it Saturday. We then met our financial planner. Thankfully we had planned the meeting in the late morning/early afternoon. Though we're on track for retirement, I'm not too pleased with the amounts and expressed my opinion to the spouse who said it's up to me.

Lunched over at Macaroni Grill then checked out Good Guys and CompUSA. R.'s computer has been a royal pain for a while and it's not worth the risk to just upgrade the operating system. We then drove down to the Carfaire (of course). Unfortunately that Jaguar I saw last week wasn't there.

Evening was spent reading. I finished Michael Moorcock's Corum trilogy.

Sunday we woke late (of course). We drove out to Equal Writes for our weekly book fix before heading to Microcenter to see their computers. We were not impressed.

Evening was spent reading and watching HGTV.


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