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Monday, September 25, 2006

First fun/work weekend

R. and I decided to divide our weekends into two

parts. We designated Saturdays for our "fun" day while
Sundays were set aside for work such chores. This
weekend we finally started the new goal.

After some routine maintenance on our hybrid on
Saturday, we drove out to the valley to celebrate Rosh
Hashanah. Boy, did I eat way too much. We planned to
hit West Hollywood afterwards but were too pooped out
to do so.

Sunday we actually woke up early enough to make a
brunch before rush hour (i.e., after 11 AM). Thrilled
that we still had some daylight, we visited the Equal
Writes bookstore in Long Beach to get our weekly
bookstore fix. Afternoon and evening were
spent--finally--on housework: while R. restarted on
our business, I did plenty of housework. Whew!

"Carpe Diem"
(Seize the Day),

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