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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

At work.

Warned that the company is taking some...special...interests in workers who have non-standard, non-approved, s/w on their company-provided computers. STRONGLY encouraged that all such s/w not be on said machines on pain on termination (from job, not life. Yet.)

Frustrating. Just spent an inordinate amount of time transferring hard-to-obtain info on my various tasks to the clunky MS Outlook 97. While there are some neat features, the disads are considerable. Try, for instance, set up a Task in Outlook with a start date but no Due Date. And don't get me started how long it took to figure out how to recover the columns in the Task Pad in the Calendar feature. Yikes!

Spoke with Robin, the refi person. Provided her with more details. This refi looks good. Hope we can get it locked in the right rate. We've been burned before. Will be making calls tonight.

I continue to be physically sore. Especially my arms and back. Unfortunately, my chest is not sore. That means I did chest exercises wrong yesterday. Damn.

Have done cardio for three days in a row. I had hoped today's class would wipe out the soreness but it didn't. Damn.

4:45 PM 10/2/2002

Back. Just got off the phone. Going out to dinner tonight. Yeah. And then I hope to just sleep. The workouts are taking more out of me than I expected. But I have to get back into them. But not tomorrow. Working a split shift. When you then combine such a night with Friday's trip to Knotts Scary Farm...well, I'll need all the rest I can get.


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