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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I am a planner. Love to schedule things. Accomplishing the items is a different story but I'm working on that.

I've been scheduling--in various mediums--my plans for September. But I have not yet posted them on the web. Since I look at my blogger daily, it would be smart to have it up. Such a schedule will remind me what I originally planned and be a constant reminder of what I had planned.

Starting today:
Tuesday, 090903

work 0800-1700 (which will be changing next week)
fitness 1330-1430 (legs)
write 1800-1930 (or 1930-2100)
visit friends 2100-2200
take out trash 2200

Wednesday, 091003

work 0800-1700
lunch out 1330-1430
fitness 1745-1845 (weights/cardio - interval step)
buy new shoes 1915-2015
check PO Box 2015
foodshop 2030-2115
housework 2130-2300

Thursday, 091103

work 0800-1700
fitness 1330-1430 (back)
write 1800-1930
housework 2000-2130

Friday, 091203

buy donuts 0730
work 0800-1700
fitness 1330-1430 (chest)
pick up comics 1730
pay bills 1900
write 2000-2359


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