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Friday, December 19, 2003

Food and mood

I learned a few years ago how food influences mood. Last night, though, I got a follow up lesson.

I was a in a foul mood when I left to work out. I wanted to give up writing, martial arts (see the previous entry), get a divorce, drop my friends...really pissed off and depressed simultaneously. This feeling was fueled by the substitute instructing that night: I've never heard an instructor stating that--since this wasn't their class, they didn't care about it--during the class. One of the regulars asked I didn't look happy. I wasn't: I was furious and remained so for the rest of my stay. (I did complete the class, though. I'm going to lose that weight even when I'm furious.)

After a soak, I drove up to my favorite coffeeshop. School's out: there were less than five groups sitting in the vast shop. I ordered my regular drinks and, after a quick mental debate, order a pastry. The latter proved to be a good decision: I felt my mood lightening after an hour after consuming the fatty, sweet, tasty, snack and consuming four vente-sized drinks. When I left at 23:00, I was feeling considerably better.

I told R. about the little incident when I got home. Even though we got a laugh (eventually) about it, the incident still sticks in my mind on the body-mind connection. Here's another incentive for me to regain control of my eating habits.


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