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Monday, July 19, 2004

Sunday Sadness
I lacked focus when we woke Sunday morn. I prepared the coffee as R. prepared to leave for the rest of the day and evening for on-call. After a too quick good-bye, I fell back into a restless sleep and awoke groggy. CNN droned in the background from the upstairs television. I ate leftover Thai food. It was stepping on the now squishing floorboards that I remembered our home insurance company.
I called Farmers and placed a claim. The company sent out a tech who placed blowers to dry the soaked wooden floor. I obtained additional information on who else to contact on Monday.
After the tech had left, I watched television, vacillating between channels as men are prone to do when unfocused. Occasionally I got up and called R. who was shoulder deep in work. Chatting together were some of the highlight moments of a dreary day. The other was prepping books to mail out on Monday.
I finally started to read (see Way) only stopping to go out and grab a bite to eat (see Forge).
I returned home and did more reading. Finally, I sank deep into the story. Only when I realized I'd have three hours of sleep did I reluctantly close the book and go to sleep. Daytime quickly woke me up again.


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