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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

***Holidays and houses***

The kitchen is nearly complete.

The new cabinets have been installed. Eight canned lights illuminate where there were once fluorence tubes. A new dishwasher, over, and microwave gleam in their respective places. And a huge new vent hangs over the kitchen island.

Despite such progress, more needs to be done. We've finalized on the countertops, which will be black galaxy granite with 2 1/4" overhang. Once those are in place, the contractor can finally put in the new three sink sink and the new electric range. (Did we order the new faucets for the sink? Hmmm. Will have to check.)

Thus we started to celebrate the day of love (Valentine's Day for those not in the know) by admiring our beautiful new kitchen. Course that was after The Spouse admired the roses I had place tactically on kitchen island frame. Ditto the card and (black) licorice. I have to admit that I'm amazed: I never believed such a kitchen was possible. Those kitchens we saw in the million-dollar homes now look plausible for our own 3000 square abode. I can't wait until the floors are laid out.

We dined out that evening at one of our favorite restaurants. I watched as R.'s cold worsened throughout the meal. Thus the rest of the evening was spent prepping up for bed. Despite the futility, I suggested R. stay home the next day. The answer, instead, was a discussion of the next phase: the bathrooms.



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