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Thursday, March 10, 2005

***Ah, to be young again...***

Rarely do I think about my youth and, even more, sypathize with folks who'd like to reclaim their younger days. I look back at my twenties and (shudder) my teen years and blanch.

However, I do remember a few "perks" from that time. (Well, besides more hair, vitality, looks, libido, etc.) One is the lack of perspective. There are days now that I wish I wasn't too aware of all the consequences of my choices: buying a new car while paying off another one while remodeling the house, for example. In my younger years, I would have either bought the car and rant about the payments (or ignored them and the effects on my credit rating) or--absolutely knowing I couldn't afford a new vehicle--just emotionally moved merrily along after a good scream, rant, and indulgence of food (or sex).

Another perk is disregarding my mistakes. Case in point: forgetting to put out the garbage. Or buying more groceries. Before I would have let it go emotionally. But I'm part of a couple now and such issues get magnified when brought to my attention.

But I am an adult and know of the various logical mechanisms to deal with the above issues. But there are days I miss those blinders where the world revolved--truly--around me.


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