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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

***Weekend Words***

R. was on-call from Wednesday through Friday night. Thus, I lounged around the house on Saturday before finally crawling out of bed. I ran some errands, ate, then checked out the Car Faire, a swap meet for cars down in Irvine.

Fascinating! Car Faire is, basically, a lot where car owners bring their vehicles out to sell. Buyers come over and look over the car. Car information and contact numbers are posted on the vehicles; occasionally, the owner will be nearby.

I was amazed at the variety of vehicles for sale. Jaguars, Accords, Expeditions, RAVs, a variety of interesting vehicles. I watched one family purchasing a mid-size SUV while another set of folks (who looked like they could barely own a Kia) meet the owner of a BMW.

I noted several things about the cars. Most had high mileage on them: over 100k was not unusual. Many had been manufactured from the '90s. Prices tended to be below Blue Book value, which several folks proudly displayed on their vehicle. And the prices were quite reasonable. I joined R. back at home and we drove out to Huntington Beach.

One of our first stops was a window shop. Interesting place. The owner had taken a two-story house and remodeled each room to display her designs. Our next stop was at one of the local stone and granite shops. We looked over trim for our bathroom walls. Our final "work"-related visit was with our contractor who proudly displayed our new bathroom, bar, and laudry room cabinets. Dinner was intimately spent at a local Italian restaurant.

During this time I drove our new Accord hybrid. Interesting to say the least (and, no, I won't bore you with the details.) While I can see why the Accords are one of the top two cars sold in the states, I won't be purchasing one myself. There were enough quirks with the premium car that turned me off. Even R. had some problems with the car though overall it was an excellent choice. Those heated seats, for examples, are marvelous.

I reserved Sunday to run errands. After a filling meal at Jerry's deli, I persuaded R. to drive down to the Car Faire. I wanted some input on the numerous vehicles. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least.

Sigh. I wish we weren't remodeling so I could buy one of those beauties.

Afterwards we drove to a local mall where I finally--after many months--purchased some new pairs of pants. Then down to a local hair salon to get some much needed trims. Evening was spent watching anime.

Overall, a fun weekend.


  • I should have thought of this sooner! You should be taking pictures of the construction and posting them, keeping an on-line photo journal!

    By Blogger Greg, at 8:34 AM  

  • well, I'm not the only one asking for pics! so, um, where are the pics? and take one of the car too!

    By Blogger joe, at 8:24 PM  

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