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Thursday, October 03, 2002

At work.

Hmmm. Since they can track what websites I visit, I wonder if I should be posting anything about work while I'm at work? I believe I am circumspect; I never mention, for example, the name of the company.
Will have to give it more thought....

Still learning about Outlook. Ugh. We stopped by B&N yesterday and I saw no books on the 97 version. Typical. Will have to go through all my old books. I believe I have Office 97 somewhere in my library.

One feature that I sorely missed and I wished MS would add to Outlook is a time stamp feature. I track my notes on projects that way. Right now I'm having to copy / paste any time stamps (e.g., when e-mails have been sent) into the Notes section of any events or even Notes(tm) in Outlook. Definitely slows one down. I now really wonder if all this effort is necessary. How many employees or even managers are still using non-standard, non-company approved, s/w on their company laptops?

Had dinner out last night. I didn't feel so hot at work and thought I had a cold. And the muscle snoreness...! Finally figured it's the food: those breakfast croissants are too greasy for me to tolerate. Had the same feeling last night after drinking my iced soy chai. The server must have used real milk instead of soy. Ugh. Fortunately, the Phazyme(tm)? worked. I feel much better today though tired. The latter is from lack of enough rest. (I usually get between 6-7 hours a night.)

After dinner and the coffeeshop, we watched anime. Specifically, Dual! Wow. Though I knew what was coming, it was amazing to see the ideas in action. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Now we're looking for more..."exotic"...anime. It's amazing what's available in the world via the Internet. Just like books, we could not watch all the anime we're interested in our lifetimes.

Sigh. Justification for immortality. I'll have to consider that for a future character in one of my novels.


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