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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

It's not my day.

Got a call from the accountant. Bad news. And it sounds like my screwup. I don't mind paying but I need to notify SO. That's the part I hate. Time for a divorce? Nah. But my lack of paying attention to details has caught up with me and hurt someone I love. It's my failing; I must learn to pay attention.

Well, as the cliche goes, no used crying over spilled milk. I'm a "doer" even when I decide not to do anything. In this case, start scheduling when to make regular payments, etc. Where's the checklist?

Work's has quieted down. Good. Give me time to create and go over that list.

No writing tonight even though it was originally scheduled. Time with SO. More anime? Oh! Gotta record Birds of Prey.


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