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Sunday, October 06, 2002

Well, I'm going to try again and copy / paste journal entries into my blogger. Hopefully converting the document from .wpd to .rtf format will have solved the issue. Otherwise, I'll have to create my blogger anew:

Saturday, October 5, 2002

Time's 21:47:35.

At the coffeeshop.

We crawled out of bed around 15:00 today. That is the latest we have ever stayed in the house. Grabbed dinner around 18:00. Checked out the local B&N, then went home to watch an episode of Trigun.

Now I'm here. I hope the staff made my vente iced soy chai with soy milk this time. They have made the mistake a few times and I pay with gas later in the evening. I saw an open soy milk box, though. I will presume they did not and careful drink the vente. I usually feel the effect within a half-hour: if I don't, I know I'm safe.

Time's 21:51:00. I'll start work on my WIP either at 2200 or 2215.

The lobby is virtually empty. I count eight people in here excluding myself. Half that number staff the store. I see two couples (friends); a family (mother, father, and daughter); and a solo guy. The latter is one of the regulars: he's definitely into drug-enhanced body-building.

Time's 21:59:34. The family of three have left and one of two couples is now leaving. New customers-two kids-have entered and are ordering at the counter.

I'll start work on my WIP at 22:15.

I love coming to the shop on Fridays and Saturdays. It's quiet. The worst time to come is on Tuesday nights. There's absolutely no chairs at that time. Fortunately I'm schedule to write Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week.

What shall my workout schedule be next week? Here the muscle groups:


Hmmm. Let's see....

Legs, abs at 1100
Write at 2100

back, abs at 1100; "dance" at the Santa Ana Ballys at 2000

chest, abs @ 1130 (after conference call)
Write at 2100

No workout.
Activations in the evening.

shoulders, arms @1100; step class at 1200.
Write at 2100.

Workouts (cardio) optional.
No writing.
Step class at 0900.
Write sometime in the day or evening for at least two hours.

Time's 22:14:20. Time to get ready to write.

Time's 22:55:55. Wrote 398 words. That's more than a page and a half (375 words) written in a half an hour.

Description, or lack of, definitely impacts the word count. But I am writing and the story continues forward. I may be able to finish the current scene and chapter tonight. We'll see.

Break. Start again at 23:15.

23:15:32. Back to work.

Time's 23:52:56.
Yeah! Words total tonight is 782. That's more than three pages (750 words.) AND finished another chapter. I'm very, very pleased.

Earlier I did a calculation of how many words I have averaged per session since I started in early September. Came up with five pages a session. Though I started with over 1300 words, I am progressing and writing between two to three new pages on the average. And I still continue to maintain my enthusiasm with WIP.

It's almost midnight. The coffeeshop closes in a few minutes. A late night rush of people have come in and wait for their drinks. Time to pack up.


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