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Friday, October 04, 2002

At work.

Taking a breather before I start my next project (the newsletter). I worked out today (cardio) and had lunch at my desk. Can of spagetti followed by a metamucil drink. The muscle ache is gone. I'm getting back into shape. Again.

Nothing major to report right now. I'm slowly getting used to using Outlook as my project tracker. While I like some of the functionality provided, it's actually harder to track projects. But I came up with a way to put all my notes to a project and made it legible. I'll start implementation next week.

No writing tonight unless I feel up to it when we get back from Knotts Scary Farm. I strongly doubt it.

Oh! Heard back from isbister, the makers of Time & Chaos (www.isbister.com). They provided a possible solution to my sync problem. Well, doesn't really matter now since I had take off the software from my work machine. I'll see how the home machine's working. Time & Chaos has suddenly become much more valuable at home.


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