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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

At work.

Well, yesterday evening did not end exactly how I planned.

RLI contacted me in the late afternoon. The IRS issue has flared up again. Thus, instead of going to the coffeeshop to write, I stayed home and assembled all the necessary material. I'll be dropping it off at the accountant's office later today.

Grrr. Very irritating. But there's a silver lining. My reaction indicates how important writing is to me. I know I'm going to need such near obsession in the future for this particular path. I've reschedule to write later today.

Did leg exercises yesterday. Even though the weight was minimal, both my calves and my butt hurt. And I'm planning to do hip hop tonight. Yes, I'm crazy.

Last night wasn't a total disaster. We continued to watch more anime. Wow!


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