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Monday, October 14, 2002


Sorry to be gone so long. I had plenty of opportunity over the last few days to write but I've been enjoying myself too much.

We spent a lot of time together. We watched lots of anime and read. We even watched a TV show in real-time. What next? Surgical attachment at the hips? Hmmmm.... :)

I wrote twice on Saturday, generate over five new pages total. A pittance compared to other writers out there, but this is MY work and I'm quite pleased with those new words. Already, though, I'm thinking of how to tear them apart. Will deal with that when it's time. (Starting the second draft.)

Spoke with my ex a lot. Keep thinking, "Should I call? No, I shouldn't call. But...?" Very irritating. I was finally "prompted" to do so by my ex-mother-n-law. And you know what? I'm glad I did.

Work went well today. Busy with the current projects and preparing for the new ones. The next few months will fly fast.


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