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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Back (to the week, that is)!

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May I present to you the rest of the week: Thursday and Friday!


Well, I'm back at City Hall.

In early August I told my co-workers that my assignment was coming to an end. One suggested I check with the other departments to see if any needed a temp. I thought it was a good idea and contacted my agency. They said they had no orders but would check with their contacts. Later that day the department secretary from one of the other departments stopped by. She was going on vacation and wanted to know if I'd be willing to cover for her. While the pay rates considerably lower, the hours--both daily and the length of the assignment--posed no probs to my extra-curricular activities. I said yes and confirmed the assignment with my agency.

So I'm back.

Felt both familiar and strange. Driving in was the same. At the same time, I constantly took the long route to the restroom and lounge even though they were considerably closer. I knew everyone in the department but interacted with employees I rarely saw in the other department. Again, the same but different.

I was shown a temporary cubicle where I started my first assignment: filing. Had some network probs with the computer but that was (amazingly) quickly resolved. (I've worked in IT and know how busy they are.) During a break, I went to pick up my badge but HR couldn't find it so they gave me a loaner. Got my original later.

Training consisted of working with the employee whom I'd be covering. I joined her for the regular staff meeting. Everyone knew me but I was surprised who did not to the meeting. I later learned some staff, due to their duties and coverage, never attended the staff meeting. Afterwards I continued training.

As I stated earlier, I worked for another department. I barely interacted with them. They were busy as many folks (in both departments) were preparing for vacation.

The employee left mid-afternoon. I was suppose to leave even earlier but she asked if I'd be willing to stay to continue the major project. I said yes, of course.

* My new co-workers are very polite and sociable. I did note, though, two instances where I suspect the prior department had said some...things...about me. I don't think it'll prove disruptive to the assignment, but it's reinforcing several thoughts I've had about working for public institutions. See private journal for specific details and thoughts.


R.'s on-call tonight. To minimize alone time, I'm goin' dancing with friends tonight. But that meant first getting up.

I spent the morning lounging around: continued to read and finish a book (see Way); surfing the Internet; watching DVDs. I made several calls and sent e-mails to my friends about this evening. Around 1330 I finally prepared for the day.

Ate at one of our favorite restaurants. It was quiet and the servers were chatty. One mentioned his second job; the other discussed her parents' wedding. I took care of some pressing business over at the post office before heading home for a quickie nap.

Met my friends Pre-OC and Movie Lit over at UCI. Dinner was pleasant though the restaurant was more noisy than we'd like. And I felt sorry for Movie Lit: he sat where sunlight constantly hit his face. After we were done we walked about a bit, talking about literature, movies, and our pasts.

We converged down in Laguna Beach. I was a little concerned when Pre-OC didn't arrive. I gave him a call and discovered he had to take a quick nap in his car! I'll have to talk to him about that later. But he finally joined us.

Our first stop was a local bar where we listened to the performer belt out songs like All that Jazz and Proud Mary (Tina Turner version). It'd had been a while and I found myself looking at the crowd while listening to the performance. Movie Lit and I saw a Retired Gov, a regular from the Center. He joined us later for a while when Pre-OC, Movie Lit, and I moved over to the coffee shop next door. Mango cheesecake. Yum!

Dancing next. Well, at least listen to the horrible music. We didn't stay long.

Overall, a pleasant Friday.

It's interesting how being friendly opens people up. R. has commented much about that trait in me. I don't think about it that, for I enjoy listening to people's lives. Maybe that's why I enjoy blogs so much. No matter what someone says, there's always something interesting about their lives which proves material for a writer. See private journal for specific details on entries. Lots of stuff for future books.

Regarding dancing. I definitely wanted to move but none of the songs played were remotely danceable. Disappointing. But it was interesting to see the club crowds had not changed much since I first started clubbing over a decade ago.

Also, I think it's my thoughts on writing, but an old...habit...emerged that evening and I noted certain behaviors that are becoming clear. There's a part of me that's offended and mortified but the Muse in me is pointing out how the observations will prove useful for future books. See private journal for specific details on entries.

*This is a new feature which show some internal observations about the day's events. Don't know if I'll continue it.


  • I was posting when you visited. You made be laugh again. The picture is cool eh? I keep thinking about what happened/is about to happen. Re: clubbing - does it ever change? The music just gets weirder as we age. cheers.

    By Blogger Leon, at 8:43 PM  

  • Yep, we hardly go to the clubs now and when we do the music is never good.

    You can't start posting references to a private journal, that's just teasing us voyeurs! ;-)

    By Blogger Bobby, at 12:50 PM  

  • Re: voyeur.
    I luv y'all but my spouse would KILL me ;-)

    By Blogger Joel, at 1:08 PM  

  • I'd never tell your spouse! Never! You could tell any juicy, delicious item, and he would never hear of it from me!

    So spill it! :)

    By Blogger TECH, at 4:03 PM  

  • hmm. what does that picture mean? what the hell is that blue thing? must be this hidden private journal somewhere. and our reaction to it. hehe... you've got stories to tell. you gotta to tell them :)

    By Blogger joe, at 9:15 PM  

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