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Sunday, August 22, 2004

(Last) week's whereabouts

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I really didn't post much about my activities last week. Sorry about that. Found and generated so much interesting stuff. Well, here were some of the highlights:


Weird stuff went on with my blog all day. I found the info sidebar (on the left side), for example, way down the page. You had to scroll to see it. And suddenly the ad space above my blog vanished to be replaced by a navigation bar (which I discovered it was.)

And apparently I wasn't the only one to experience these probs. I determined the info bar issue seemed to be related to my work browser. But the nav bar was done by Blogger (woohoo!). I found out later that it was the new nav bar that was the cause of the sidebar slipping down.


Morn was harrowing.

Bit of background. I found a job opening over at the City of Irvine a couple of weeks ago and applied. Now government departments are notorious for taking a while before contacting folks about jobs. It took one agency six months to contact one of my sibs about her app. Thus, I didn't expect to hear anything for a while.


The city called the following week and invited me to test on the 17th. I had to scramble a bit since I was still working an assignment. But I did scramble and made it to take the test (as well as the near hundred who showed up.)

There's no waiting period. The proctors (0ne of whom was drop-dead gorgeous! Very distracting.) stated oral (ah, hmmm) interviews will start next week for those who pass the test (which I found almost ridiculously easy, especially reading comprehesion. Come on!) I've learned from recent experience that the major cuts will be done during this time.

In contrast to the morning, it was quiet at work the rest of the day. I spent a substantial amount of time reading My Blog; specifically, the archives. Wow! Interesting read and generated lots of ideas for my own blog. (But first, a digital camera.)

Joined my friends G. and C. in the evening. Great time discussing books with both and blogs with G. Sigh. I'm going to have to look over his links to filch...er...add to my blogroll.

And speaking of blogrolls: add a goodly number of new ones.


Did some cleanup on Tribe and Blogrolling. I gave serious consideration in deleting Way and Forge; I don't regularly update them, I forget about them, and I can easily combine their topics into Words. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions....

Work was slow again so I read more archives of various blogs. Today I read's Answer Me this...'s previous posts. Yow!

R. called that afternoon and said we'd lost our DSL connection at home. We called our provider who looked into the matter. (Our provider provides hosting stuff but contracts to another company who provides connectivity.) They later called back and told us a certain major...telecom...company hosed one of their amplifiers (I forgot the technical name) in our area. Should have it working sometime tomorrow.

Uh, huh. I worked for telecom.

Because it was R.'s half day (work 8AM to 1PM and get home at 4PM.) and our computer connection was shot (yes, we have dial up but c'mon! DSL speeds versus dial-up speed? Ack!) we decided to grab a bite to eat at one of our fave restaurants. Nice bonding time.


I was so utterly feeling tired.
First, I didn't eat breakfast but subsisted on coffee until 1 PM. Had Japanese food, then a cheesecake when I got back to work (from the grateful department for manning the phones). Collasped into a fatigued and food coma when I got home.

But the DSL line worked fine. Yeah!


See the separate entry.

Some additional news, both good and bad. I followed up on the Irvine job opp and was notified that I didn't pass the test and thus no interviews. Bummed a bit since I found the testing easy. Oh, well.

But of more important news came during lunch. I was checking the home answering machine and found a call from another agency. Looks like they had a local client (that is, within Orange County) who needed a technical writer and asked if I'd be interested. Surpressing my mixed feeling, I called them back and gathered the info. Ack! Time to prep up another resume.


  • Hey! Where did you get that CG re-creation of the old Time Tunnel control room? Cool! (Though the show was another hopelessly cheesy Irwin Allen production from the 60's).


    By Blogger TK, at 1:25 PM  

  • RE: CG.
    Don't remember the particular site. Found it using Google.

    By Blogger Joel, at 1:38 PM  

  • Re: keeping 'way'... I just peeked at older entries and sometimes it's as if it should be called 'way of the reader'. No problem there, but most of your writing seems to occur in Words. I have thought about a writing blog but just for fiction ideas. Keeping multiple blogs a float is hard. When I have all of my old stuff posted at Roar I wonder how long the 'drought' will be. The thing is because all of this is free we can experiment...so keep experimenting. PS - If you decide to end way and forge just deselect them from blogs to show or leave them dormant with the last post pointing to words. That way if you wish to try them again you still have the nifty urls/names. -cheers

    By Blogger Leon, at 2:04 PM  

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